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Single Phase Control Transformers

Control transformers are used where available voltage must be changed to accommodate the voltage required by the load.

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Single Phase Control Transformers

Our transformers are manufactured in variety of choices to meet many applications.
Common applications include inductive, resistive loads such as motors, lightning and heating.

Our control transformers are available in varity of primary and secondary voltage combination from 120/240/415 Input voltage , 24/12 or any custom built secondary voltages at 50/60 Hz.


Typical control transformer application may include

•Office buildings
•Industrial plants
•Commercial buildings
•Shopping centre
•Apartments buildings
•Institutional buildings

* Precisely engineered
* Easy to install
* Excellent performance
* Very high efficiency
* Very good corrosion resistant
* Continuous rating
* Good voltage regulation
* Low core and conductor loss
* High dielectric withstanding capacity